What makes you come alive?

What is your soul’s purpose?

Shine a light on your true self.



A birth chart reading helps us see what gifts and challenges we came into this life with and how we can use them. It shows us how our head and heart speak to each other. What kind of emotions we have, how our mind works and how our ego is placed.

It helps us see what our soul’s purpose is.

It's a blueprint specific to each person.



Hi friends! My name is Stevie. I am a Silversmith & Astrologer

(Taurus Sun & Moon & Aries rising)

Currently I live in Michigan in an old farmhouse with my husband, daughter, 3 cats, 1 dog and 10 chickens.

I spend my days giving Astrology readings, creating silver stone jewelry, and running our vintage & handmade shop, Whisky Ginger.

My goal is to break down Astrology so that the everyday person can understand it. To give practical tools to help guide. To help people come alive in their own skin. To help mothers and fathers understand their children through their birth chart. To help families have compassion for each other.

Thanks for being here and sharing this space with me.



My readings are done over the phone and are recorded. They last 1-1.5 hours long.

I need your birth date, exact birth time (I can still do the reading without this information) and location of birth.

I offer a sliding scale of pay what you can $70-$90. I send you the recording after the call is over so you can go back and relisten.