Birth Chart Readings

A birth chart reading helps us see what gifts
and challenges we came into this life with and how we can use them. It shows us how our head and heart speak to each other. What kind of emotions we have, how our mind works and how our ego is placed.

It helps us see what our soul’s purpose is.
It's a blueprint specific to each person.


How it works

I share readings over the phone and record them. They last 1-1.5 hours. Once the call is over, I’ll send you the recording so you can go back and relisten.

Send me your birth date, exact birth time
(if available), and where you were born.

I charge $195 per reading

I offer transit chart readings (what energies you can expect for the next 12 months or more) & synastry chart readings (putting two or more peoples charts together to see challenges and compatibility) as well.

If you would prefer an email of your birth chart broken down instead of a conversation over the phone, I can do that too!

Testimonials From My Clients

I had the most incredibly igniting call with Stevie. She is so warm and emotionally present and stayed on the phone with me for over an hour. After we spoke I felt a levity and sense of purpose that I have been readying myself for, for awhile. I keep thinking back to our conversation and I have different revelations on what aspects of my personality I should lean into and how I can help myself with areas of struggle through awareness. I already recommended her to two of my closest friends and look forward to speaking with her again in the future. Special woo woo people are hard to find and should be cherished!”



“I felt like this reading and our discussion opened something in me. I left feeling physically energized and renewed. Sort of like in the way acupuncture can release a blockage. With all that has happened over the past few years I've struggled with the "fairness" of it all and really battled between my intellectual and emotional sides to understand it.  Somehow everything that we talked about cleared up the block between them and I can let go. Maybe because it feels like everything was cosmically intentional and I'm on the path I should be. There were so many things that you covered that were enlightening, validating and really just accurate in an uplifting way.”



“Stevie's Birth Chart Reading was beautiful, informative, powerful and fun! She was very detailed in explaining what everything meant in terms that resonated deeply with me. I am feeling so inspired after my reading with Stevie! It's like she's helped to open a new door into understanding myself or simply to see myself in a whole new light and it's exhilarating. I highly recommend anyone to get their Birth Chart read with Stevie for a deeper look into themselves and their life path.” 



"I don’t recall how I stumbled upon Stevie's (aka @farmhousemoon) IG profile, but one day in the eve of my birthday I saw a post about the Full Harvest Moon and my gut told me I needed to get for a reading. Coincidence or not, we scheduled our session on a new moon in Virgo (I am a Virgo Sun)! It was my first time getting my birth chart read, so I didn’t know what to expect. Stevie was wonderful and instantly made me feel at ease setting a warm and friendly atmosphere for a chat. It was mind-blowing to find out how much my personality is actually determined by my birth date. During the session so many things started to make sense. I have been re-visiting the recording of our session to further reflect on it. I had such a magical experience that I have been gifting a birth chart reading session with Stevie to my dearest friends."


“Everyday since my reading has been better. There is no other way to put it. Plain and simple. I breathe easier, I have less need to control, I have more faith, more peace... life is just “better”.  This was my first birth chart reading and to say that I wish I had done it sooner is an understatement.  It was a gift to myself on my birthday, and it will be my gift to myself every year from here out.  A “gift”...  that’s the perfect way to put it. The experience has been an actual gift. I feel like our *one hour* chat fed my soul, energized my spirit, and introduced me to myself in the most wonderful way!

I’ve always been a person who struggled with what to do, how to start, what is best, who should I be.. and within minutes the information Stevie provided gave me complete permission to be exactly who I am. As I am. Already whole, already prepared, already able.
I am truly amazed at the amount of contentment I have found as a result of the conversation we had.  I am profoundly grateful that I was able to connect with Stevie.  Having your birth chart read is to understand yourself on a core level, like spiritual DNA... and understanding that, the person you were literally born to be, is a deeply comforting and freeing experience. Day one of my life I became who I am supposed to be, and in a world of constant reminders that we must achieve an ideal self, it’s comforting to know I’ve always had it in me. I just had to allow myself to.. just be.”

- Cate


“My natal birth chart reading with Stevie was so eye-opening and validating for me. It helped me gain perspective on my experiences and struggles, seeing the "why" behind many of them right there in my chart. Afterward I felt empowered and like I was given permission to truly just BE MYSELF, cause it's written in the stars!”


“Thank you so much for this wonderful reading…I am recharged!!  It’s so heartwarming to be reminded of “who you really are…” 

It’s so easy to forget why we are here and the many talents we have been given to navigate our life’s journey…but your work helps us remember, and shine a light on our true selves, so we can fully embrace and live our lives with authenticity.

 You have an amazing gift which you share with such gentle loving kindness,  that I feel you really can see my soul…thank you so much for all you are doing to help all of us find our way.”


“I can not thank you enough for my reading today. You have helped me to shed light on so many things. You have helped to realize what I am doing is my TRUE path. I have always felt it, but now I know. Thank you soooo very much. Just want to let you know what a pure joy you are.” 


“I connected with Stevie to do my sons birth chart, The call with her was like talking to an old new friend with excellent Astro insight. She served as the perfect guide to walk me through my sons birth chart. I had the realization that my whole life’s journey has led me to him. All the vast life experiences I have cultivated were preparing the way for us to start our great adventure together. Stevie’s warm kind voice guided me through my sons chart as she shared astral wisdom and insights about his personality, strengths and weaknesses, past and present souls journey. The whole experience was very validating to what I already felt in my heart, as the chart and our conversation unfolded There were many details about his core traits that will serve me in our communication as he grows. The added bonus of receiving a live recording of our call will im sure be invaluable as a tool to check in with as I want to explore further. If you are in the market for getting a birth chart reading from a lovely soul centered entrepreneur get connected with the lovely Stevie K.”

-Lacey - Ignite Consciousness